Thursday, December 2, 2010

It’s December Already!?
By Sonya Stevens

The year has flown by and December is here! The first day of the month is starting out cold and windy thanks to a cold front that moved through last night. Days like today remind me that winter isn’t that far away with the official season starting December 21st.

The average high for this time of year is in the lower 60s while the average low is in the upper 30s. According to these “norms”, temperatures are expected to be cooler than normal over the next week here in Central Georgia. Looking ahead to the following week, temperatures are expected to be below normal too (see graphic below).

I know it is December, but it is not supposed to be THIS cold yet! I guess I’ll be wearing lots of sweaters and my heavy coat to stay warm! If you don’t like the cold, the long-term forecast is looking good. A strengthening La Nina is expected to bring warmer than normal temperatures and drier than normal conditions this winter. If this holds true, snow would be very unlikely. That may be good news for some yet bad news for others! Let the countdown to winter begin and in the meantime try to stay warm!


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