Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meteorologists Braving the Elements…Are We Crazy?

Have you ever noticed that when there is a major weather event that meteorologists flock to that area?

For example, Dave Price from the Early Show was in Wilmington, NC, at the end of September for all the flooding rain they had. There were also meteorologists and weather reporters from the Weather Channel in various points up and down the east coast to cover the extensive flooding as well.

So why do we flock to these events like we do? Well several reasons!

First, we get paid to do it…it’s our job!

Second, we want to inform viewers of the current conditions. We can show you the radar and satellite imagery in the studio, but it’s much better to see the meteorologist out in the field… it makes it much more real that way! If it’s a dangerous situation, we hope that seeing the rough conditions will make you want to stay home and therefore stay safe!

Third, we love to do it! I know most people wouldn’t want to be in our shoes, but we are just very passionate about the weather (although sometimes it makes us appear to be a bit crazy)! We can experience pouring rain for hours, ankle-deep water that we have to wade through, or hours in the cold measuring snow with a ruler.

So the next time you see a meteorologist braving the elements, don’t feel TOO bad for them…because deep down inside they are enjoying it…they are in their element!

-Sonya Stevens


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