Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Everyone has heard of the "dog days of summer", right?

Blondie & Abbie

This picture describes what we think of the know days of sweltering temperatures where it is so hot that even dogs don't want to be outside! While this description makes perfect sense, the "dog days" actually have nothing to do with hot weather or dogs. Surprising, huh?

The dog days of summer are July 3rd through August 11th, when the Dog Star, Sirius, rises along with or closely with the sun. Some people believe that the combination of the sun and the brightest star is to blame for the scorching temperatures in the middle of the summer, but really it's just the result of the earth's tilt toward the sun.

The Dog Star & Its Tiny Companion

Some proof of this? Here are average highs during the summer months:
June – 89.5°, July – 91.8°, August – 90.5°, September – 85.4°

So you see, July and August are supposed to the hottest part of the summer and that's why it's no big surprise that the "dog days" stuck! Being such a dog lover, I love the term and may just have to use it later this week as temperatures heat up to above normal values!


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