Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is It Really April?

Well, well, well, April is not doin' it's normal thing!

I sat down yesterday, and decided to take a look back and compare January through March of this year, with where we are so far in April. My main focus was rainfall. It was pretty amazing to see that after a rainy end to 2009 and a rainy start to 2010, the clouds have slammed on the brakes! January yielded five and a half inches of rain, while February gave us a bit over three inches. March chimed in just under three and half inches. That's not bad...pretty good numbers. Then, as if by coincidence, as soon as the pollen arrived, or "The Big Yellow" as I call it, the rain said bye-bye. Uuugh!

For those of us with allergies, this is not welcome news. Here we are half way through the month of April, and we're sittin' on just over a tenth of an inch! This microscopic total came in just one day, Thursday the 8th. Had it not been for that shower, we would all be living "in a yellow submarine". Pollen would reign supreme! Of course, even with that little bit of help, the trees and grasses are still shootin' for sneezes!

So, if you're a fan of sunshine, you're in the right place. If you'd like some rain, you're gonna have to wait for a while. Other than a little chance of rain for Saturday, it's lookin' pretty dry for a good long while.

Achoo! (That's when you say "bless you")

Chief Meteorologist Ben Jones


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